Simplify Privacy Compliance with Our Effortless & Simple Solution.

Achieve seamless and uncomplicated privacy compliance with Techtegy's all-in-one dashboard. Create legal policies, manage cookie consents, and generate data deletion forms effortlessly. Set up your compliance in just minutes with our streamlined solution.

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Your Centralized Compliance Hub

In a digital age where privacy reigns supreme, our Centralized Compliance Hub is more than a feature—it's a haven for your sensitive data. With a human touch, we bring simplicity to privacy compliance, allowing you to effortlessly manage and safeguard your documents in one secure sanctuary.

  • Global Compliance Made Easy : Techtegy ensures worldwide compliance, helping you navigate complex data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and more. We've got your website, mobile app, or SaaS covered.
  • Unified Management for Efficiency : Streamline your operations with a centralized dashboard for all your websites or apps. Whether you're an agency handling multiple clients or an e-commerce store operator, our platform ensures quick setup in minutes.
  • Seamless Tracking and Response : Avoid fines by staying ahead of data subject access requests (DSARs). Our platform allows you to track and respond to requests effortlessly, all in one convenient place. Stay compliant and penalty-free.
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Uncomplicated Privacy Compliance
for Your Business

We are your comprehensive privacy hub for deploying legal policies, handling DSARs, managing
cookie consent, and beyond. Experience a simplified solution for all of your privacy needs when
you work with us.

Effective Business Compliance Solutions
for Optimal Results

Utilize technologies that guarantee compliance to grow your company. Discover how our specialized
methods ensure that regulatory standards are met and that operational efficiency is increased.


Streamlined Management
for Agencies

Centralize your clients' legal pages in one dashboard, effortlessly adding domains as needed. Gain access to expert support, essential tools, and insights to position yourself as your clients' privacy authority.


E-commerce Simplified & Easy

Use our exclusive Shopify software to quickly develop legally compliant pages and respond to requests for data deletion in a matter of minutes. Compared to other alternatives, ensure the compliance of your online store now without going over budget.


Empowering Mobile
Apps + SaaS

Transparent license agreements are necessary for the protection of intellectual property in SaaS and mobile app enterprises. Your staff may concentrate on revenue-generating tasks by creating contracts like End User License Agreements (EULA) or Subscription Service Agreements for SaaS with ease.

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